We are the data integration and migration experts

The integr team ensures that your applications understand each other. To do this, we connect your applications. By creating and managing links, building interfaces, establishing lines of communication and configuring APIs and connectors.
In this way, we relieve you of the burden throughout the entire process.

Integrity is our value, integration our passion

Data efficiency
From the perspective of integration, we do not only look at technical solutions for a specific problem. We work with you to achieve an optimal integration of systems, so that better and more efficient results can be achieved. Save valuable time, avoid errors and gain more insight into your data.

Our team works from an iterative method in which we add value to the existing chain in short steps.

Build and maintain connections
We use the right tools based on our years of experience and our constant curiosity about the best solutions for your needs. In addition, we follow the latest evolutions in iPaaS cloud platforms, so that it becomes ever easier, faster and therefore cheaper to realise and manage solid connections.

We are experts in the use of modern iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solutions. Such as Blendr.io, Celigo, Informatica, Jitterbit, Microsoft Data Factory, Microsoft Logic Apps, MuleSoft, Qlik Automation platform, Talend Open Studio and Workato.

We have gained our experience at great companies and interesting projects.

As part of The Cronos Group and Inkubis, we are part of a strong group of innovative IT companies, each with its own specialism in a particular technology. Our partners include:

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