We make sure your applications understand each other. We’ll connect them in order to do that. By making integrations, building interfaces, connecting the dots and configuring API’s and connectors. We help you through the entire process.

Integrity is our value, integrations our passion

At integr we don’t just look at technical solutions for a specific problem. We work together with you to an optimal integration of different applications, so better and more efficient results can be achieved.
Save precious time, avoid mistakes and get more insights from your data.

Our team works in an iterative manner in which we add value to the existing chain in repeating short steps.

We apply the correct tools based on years of experience and with constant curiosity for the newest solutions for your needs. We follow the evolutions in cloud platforms so it will keep getting simpler, quicker and therefore cheaper to realise robust integrations.


At integr we believe in the strength of Jitterbit as a modern iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) solution.

We have built up our experience with wonderful companies and interesting projects.
integr is part of Inkubis: a solid group of 18 innovative companies with each their own focus on a certain technology. With this we are strong to provide you with “THE made to measure solution”.

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